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8th Grade goes to Washington!

8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

Article By: David Vesey

On October 10th, the eighth graders will be going on a trip to Washington D.C. to sightsee and learn about the various monuments placed to commemorate fallen soldiers, political leaders, etc. The trip is once a year, usually in October, for every 8th grader to participate in, the trip combines learning about social studies, sciences, and other various things. They visit many museums and monuments like the National Air and Space Museum, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Marine Memorial, the Vietnam Wall, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. The 8th grade D.C. trip is paid for by the students, if they choose to go. One of the main coordinators for the trip is 8th grade teacher Mr. Nemecek, he supervises students and teaches them about the historical places they visit. “The students have the option of selling Yankee candles in case they need assistance financially. By selling candles, the students can pay off some of the money for the trip. The students are usually very excited to go on the trip, often hearing about it before the 8th grade. Derek Liebhart, an 8th grade student participating in the trip, is excited about it and “probably will learn something from the monuments and places we go to.” After the trip is over ,some students will be sad to leave the Capitol, because of all the good memories they made there with their friends and teachers.

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