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Perry Schools Host Foreign Visitors


Video by: Landen Mayher 

Article by: Autumn Graham


            On November 6th and 7th Perry High School hosted a group of students visiting from Escuela Preparatoria de la Universidad de Guanajuato in Mexico. The students and two of their teachers got to tour the school, sit in on classes and speak with students and teachers. The students were accompanied by their teachers Catalina and Fernando and primarily spent time with Mrs. Rodriguez’s Spanish classes. The students were shown around by Perry students who have or are currently taking the Spanish 2, Spanish 3, or Spanish 4 classes.

            The group that visited consisted of four teachers and ten students and was headed by Professor Victor Hugo Escoto Ortiz, a professor at the University of Guanajuato. The four educators that came along had a chance to see the style and system of learning throughout Perry’s whole K-12 system, while the students visited primarily in the high school. One of the teachers, Catalina, said that for the educators, the main purpose of the trip was to “Experience the learning environment in American schools and help the students decide where they may like to travel in the future.” Another goal the educators talked about was possibly opening the door for students from schools like Perry to go and visit the University of Guanajuato and other schools in Mexico. The educators say they learned a lot from their trip to Perry and hope that in the future they can provide a similar experience to some American visitors.

            The ten students that came on the trip enjoyed themselves at Perry and were very interested in all aspects of the school day. They took pictures and videos and were surprised by some of the classroom methods used at Perry. One student said that the class sizes were much bigger than at her school, while another commented on the amount of classes in the school day. Besides the classes, the student visitors were very intrigued by the weather. One student said that her favorite part of the trip was “Seeing the beautiful landscapes and how the trees change colors.” The changing of leaves is not something that often happens in Mexico, and the timing of this trip worked to the advantage of the students and teachers visiting. Not only did they get to sit in and observe our classes, they got to observe the beauty of the Fall season.

            All in all, the advisors and the students from Mexico enjoyed their trip and greatly appreciated the opportunity to come and see how American schools operate. Some students even expressed interest in coming back to America later in their academic careers to study. The students and faculty of Perry did their best to be gracious and welcoming and receive the visitors from Mexico kindly. These students and educators were very gracious and would be welcomed back by Perry in a heartbeat. Hopefully, this trip has given them a better understanding of the education and culture of American schools; and like they said, hopefully it will open up doors of possibility for Perry in the future.

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