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"Save the Perry Nuclear Power Plant" Rally Planned

A community information and action rally will be held on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at 11am at Perry High School’s Goodwin Theatre.  This rally is being hosted by Perry Superintendent of Schools, Jack Thompson and Lake County Commissioner Jerry Cirino.  Both have been strong advocates of keeping PNPP operating. 

“This issue is about energy policy and community economics”, noted Cirino. “We want to inform the community on both aspects of this issue and let everyone know what they can do before a final decision is made”, he said.  The rally will include comments from both Thompson and Cirino and will also feature Mr. Gary Leidich, a former president of First Energy Generation Company. Leidich will speak about the benefits of nuclear energy and its proper place in the energy grid for Ohio.
 Power Plant Rally Flier

“The economics for our community and school system are critical to consider here”, noted Supt. Thompson. “A plant closure would significantly disadvantage our school system financially”, he concluded. Over the last several months, both Thompson and Cirino have been telling the Lake County community that a plant closure would not just impact Perry. The losses in tax revenues would be in the millions of dollars and would impact Lake County communities everywhere.

“This rally will be a great opportunity for concerned citizens to hear where we are with this issue and to find out how they can help influence decisions by the federal government, the state and regulators to keep Perry operating”, concluded Cirino.
The rally is open to the public and entrance will be on a first come, first served basis. Perry High School is located at One Success Boulevard, Perry, Ohio 44081.

For more information: Contact Commissioner Jerry C. Cirino at 216-409-0383.

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