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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Perry

 Article By: Samantha Ewing
Video By: Patrick Hurley

      Perry High School is going green, introducing their newest water station. The water station can be found in the high school cafeteria. Not only is the water station beneficial to the environment, but to the students and staff as well. Rebecca Waggel, Girl Scout and Perry senior, worked hard for the new station to be possible.

      The water station is similar to a drinking fountain, except this station allows you to fill up reusable or plastic bottles of water, “The purpose of the station was to make it easier to refill water bottles and to give us better tasting water (It’s extra filtered!). It was also to cut back on the amount of plastic bottles being thrown in the garbage in the school.” Waggel made this new addition possible for the school through fundraising and collaborating with, Jim Smith the Maintenance Supervisor, the Maintenance staff, Superintendent Dr. Jack Thompson, the Board of Education, and her Girl Scout troop, “A lot of fundraising was needed to complete this project. I also needed to have help from the maintenance department at the high school along with Mr. Porcello, Jack Thompson (The superintendent) and the entire board of education.” 

      In order for Waggel to complete this project, she had to work hard over the course of the school year, saving money, working, and fundraising, “I made most money by doing a garage sale and by working at the Lake County Fair in the ride ticket booths. Other than that, I had some people who donated items for my garage sale and even gave cash donations to me.” With the help of people, Waggel was able to raise way beyond her fundraising goal, she now was able to get the new water station at the school, “The water station was $974.56 but I ended up fundraising over $1000.” It’s safe to say, the new water station is a success and the people at Perry love it, it wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of this Scout.

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