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"Commendable" Spells Success for Perry District Champ

Perry Local Schools is pleased to announce the District Spelling Bee Champion for 2018. Perry Middle School seventh grader, Lukas Rosipko has claimed this year’s title. Lukas won the competition by correctly spelling words such as cattle, intersect, tonic, infraction, vegetation, dexterity, chimpanzee, and finally, commendable.

During the month of December, Perry students in grades 4-8 took part in grade level spelling bees. Three finalists from each grade level participated in the annual Perry District Spelling Bee held on January 25th. They were fourth graders, Marisa Cireddu, Josh Skunda, and Mallory Martucci, fifth graders, Lilly Pealer, Eddie Cooney, and Ella McMurtrie, sixth graders, Dominic Gambill, Calli Thompson, and Grace Mechenbeier, seventh graders, Emma Pietrzak, Lukas Rosipko, and Calvin Peters, and eighth graders, Brandon Blackburn, Hannah Pitsenbarger, and Connor Zgrebnak. All contestants were excellent spellers and are to be congratulated.
Lukas Rosipko along with Spelling Bee advisors Mrs. Amy Dasinger (left) and Mrs. Tami Roberts. On February 22, Lukas will travel to Auburn Career Center to compete against the other Lake County winners. The winner at Auburn will move on to the Tri-County Bee at Kirtland Public Library in March. District winners from each of the nine public school systems in Lake County and winners from any church-affiliated and/or independent schools in Lake County, as well as any home-schooled children who have registered for the County Bee will participate.
Congratulations to 5th grader, Ella McMurtrie and 8th grader, Connor Zgrebnak, who tied for second place, as well as, 7th grader, Calvin Peters who placed third.

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