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Dr. Seuss Comes To Perry

Dr. Seuss Comes to Perry



Article by: Autumn Graham

            This year, the Perry High School’s fall play was The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Perry High School teacher, Mrs. Hunter. The play portrays the classic Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet, only with a Dr. Suess twist. The classic play is reimagined in a more whimsical (Seuss-y) style that makes the show fun for all ages with a surprise twist at the end. The role of Romeo was played by junior Jaren Hodgeson and the role of Juliet was played by junior Gabby Todd. The play had three showings, Saturday October 21st at 2p.m. and 7p.m. and Sunday October 22nd at 7p.m.

            Preparing for any play is a lot of work and the cast of The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet worked extremely hard to bring the best show they can to Perry High School. This year the show is being directed and produced by teacher Mrs. Hunter. She has taken charge of directing the show, assisting with set design, costume and prop work, and show promotion. Mrs. Hunter said that directing her first show was, “scary and fun at the same time. I was worried about casting, but think I did a good job. The cast really fit into their roles and had fun with the show. Directing was tough, but I loved it!” The cast rehearsed every week Monday through Thursday from after school until five o’clock since Monday, September 11th. The cast worked extremely hard to bring the best show they can to Perry by practicing constantly, including a “Tech Day” on Sunday October 15th. Tech days can last for eight or more hours and the cast had to do several run throughs of the show in full makeup and costume. Patrick Noonan, who played Narrator One (a play on Seuss’s Thing One) said that for him “It’s really fun but kind of exhausting. Especially because I have to be on the stage the entire time. Acting that whole time is hard.” The tech day lasted about seven and a half hours (including a meal break) and the cast worked the entire time to make scenes just right and finish memorizing lines. Not just the cast got their butts kicked by tech day, the director did as well. Mrs. Hunter stated that, “Tech day was LONG. We ran the show twice...took almost 6 hours for the first run-through because we restarted when we had to and people were having issues with lines still. But the second run-through went well. Also there were kittens that visited us during our meal break!”

            A play is a very different production than a musical in many ways. The cast is usually much smaller and must work harder to create an interesting performance. There is much more memorization involved in a play, due to the fact that there is a longer dialogue. “It’s a lot more work developing the character rather than just memorizing lines” says freshman Leah Micsky who played the part of Gregory. Without the accompanying musical numbers, plays need to have more dynamic to them in order to keep the audience interested. The cast of The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet has put in a great deal of effort to make this happen for Perry.

            This year’s play had a good turnout and all three shows seemed to go smoothly. This is good news for Mrs. Hunter as she plans to come back to the theater next year to direct the next play. The cast expressed their excitement to this news, “I feel very excited because she did really good in her first show and I have faith that she will continue to do a good job.” says Maddie Snively, a freshman this year. The community was pleased with the production of The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet as well as the cast and directors.