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Pursuing Greatness Through Leadership and Culture


Video by: Ryan Eisenhuth

Article by: Toni Kirk

            Leadership is, and always will be, focused on and explored at Perry Local Schools. For this reason, staff members are constantly offering their students different ways to get involved in their community and strengthen their leadership qualities. Just recently, students in grades 4-12 who exhibit leadership abilities and qualities were invited to participate in a “Leadership Culture Camp”, which involved nationally recognized expert on Leadership, Behavior, and Culture: Mr. Tim Kight. 

            Perry Local Schools has had the honor and privilege of having Tim Kight speak a couple times in the last two years. Mr. Kight is president and founder of Focus 3, whose sole mission is to inspire people and companies around the world to use their power of leadership, culture, and behavior to achieve next level results. During his presentations, Kight delivers a powerful message on mindset, personal and powerful self-skills, and the performance of an organization.

            Recently, the Ohio State football team has had the opportunity to work with Kight, using him as their leadership coach. The work Kight has done with the Buckeyes has been featured and published in the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and on ESPN.

            Perry Local Schools’ Leadership Culture Camp was all day (1:00pm-8:00pm) in the competition gym located in the high school. Students were pre-placed in groups with all ages. Perry Alumni, including recent graduates Cecilia Hardy, Lydia Karlsson, Nina Sorine, Alexis Hacking, Zack Hurd, Martha Clark and Luke Farrell along with one graduate from as far back as 2002, Mr. Gary Caluducan, were asked to come back to the school they once called home and help guide the different groups. In addition, one Madison graduate, Abbie Thompson, and a Madison school administrator, Mr. Bill Mayer, along with a few working colleagues of Mr. Caluducan also participated in the camp as team leaders. Through different small, fun exercises, like playing with helium sticks and creating skits, the students learned how important it was to work together as a team. 

            One of the main focuses of the Leadership Culture Camp was Perry Local Schools’ “Culture Playbook”. Groups were asked to essentially break down each aspect of the Culture Playbook by defining each term in their own words, choosing one aspect that meant the most to them, and then coming up with a way to accurately show how it could be seen/practiced in Perry today. As each aspect was presented to them, the students were asked where they saw each aspect in school, and how we could encourage those same “above the line” decisions stated in Kight’s presentation. 

            At the end of the camp, both students and parents were invited to come and listen to Kight’s ending presentation, which was essentially an overview of what went on during the day. The Leadership Culture Camp was the first all-day leadership seminar with Tim Kight at Perry Local Schools. The turnout from students, as well as their reactions, were both very positive, and everyone was engaged and having fun. “Being there taught me something about leadership that I will be able to apply in real-world situations,” Isaac Tomoletz. “Bonding with my group helped me to learn to work with all age groups and to set a good example for the younger kids in the school,” Patrick Hurley.