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Trout in the Classroom Comes to PHS



Video by: Ryan Eisenhuth

Article By: Mikayla Habina

      Perry High School science teacher, Mr. Bill Crow, has received a STEM Classroom grant from FirstEnergy. The project is called Trout in the Classroom and is sponsored by a nonprofit organization named Trout Unlimited. Trout Unlimited was founded in Michigan and has over 30,000 members dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. Mr. Bill Crow explains, “We get trout from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, division Wildlife, and they allow us to raise the trout from eggs to where they’re small fry, and then we’re going to release them into the Grand River.”

      The Trout in the Classroom project will allow students to study the relationship of water quality and trout. The grant monies were used to purchase the necessary equipment for the project, such as a water cooler, a large tank, and water testing supplies. Students are raising the trout from the egg to fingerling size. A fingerling is about 2-5 inches. The students will release the fingerlings into the Grand River in May. Bill Crow says about this project, “This project serves as an excellent environmental education tool by helping students build a sense of responsibility for taking care of a local watershed.” One student named Gevin Gallagher, senior, says, “It really gives us the perspective of how fish are born and surviving in the ecosystem, and how they grow up. This project is showing what is needed to take care of the fish.” Taking care of the fish is really important and vital to their survival. The students have to check the water quality every single day. Another student, Holly Fletcher, senior, who tests the water frequently in her environmental science class, says, “You have to test the pH levels and ammonia. The one thing you definitely do not want is ammonia in the tank is because it’s not good for the fish. Then, you test the oxygen, and then you test nitrate 1 and nitrate 2.”

      This project is needed because the environment is so vital to our health. It’s important to take care of our environment, and to keep close watch on the ecosystems that are around us. Learning how to take care of the trout are helping many students learn the importance of life and the environment at Perry High School.